Looking for Work?

The NSW Government Industrial Relations Website is a great place to find all sorts of tips and ideas to help students navigate their journey to find work. The information on this site includes:

  • Practical tips to help finding a job including interviews, resumes, etc
  • Workers rights and legal obligations
  • Pay rates for casuals
  • Apprenticeship pay rates
  • Work experience and volunteer work

CLICK HERE to visit Young People at Work

The ’employment’ section offers our students hints and tips to help with:

  • Applying for a Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Employment Applications
  • Employment Interviews
  • Job Search Tips
  • Links to Job Sites

Work Health & Safety should always be in the forefront of our student’s minds when going out to work experience, work placement as part of vocational training and any type of casual, part time or eventually full time employment. Here are a few great resources to help give our students all the advice and information they need:

The NSW Government through Safe Work NSW have a number of videos our students can view to help them become familiar with what it is they need to know about safety in the workplace. The “Safety Starts With You”series of videos can be seen through this link: Safety Starts With You Videos Safe Work NSW also provide some excellent key safety information and advice for specific industries including top causes of injury and common hazards. Safety Advice and Information for Industries Safe Work NSW offer a host of other advice and resources on their website, such as advice very relevant to our students who start their first job, the issue of bullying in the workplace, please see here, Bullying in the Workplace

Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre – For resources about skin health, please click here: Skin Health Resources for all key industries (industries include, construction, hairdressing & beauty, healthcare and mechanical trades)

After leaving school, a typical career will span around 50 years…. SCARY !! During that time, statistically people these days may experience up to 8 complete career changes and around 16 or more different role changes. This will involve re-training and/or further study. The University of Queensland have developed The Ultimate Guide to Balancing Study with your Career eBook 

This eBook contains loads of tips and information to help people navigate their way through combining their career with study commitments.

Starting a New Job??

The Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman has a fantastic guide to help anyone prepare and know all the right stuff, before their first day in their first job. a-guide-to-starting-a-new-job